I was happy to find this fun hike in Astoria, Oregon. Oddly enough, I swore I could hear seals barking like crazy in the distance as we started the hike. As we climbed in elevation, the barking receded. The trail was pleasant and lined with wildflowers and berries. After about half a mile we came to a raised boardwalk. Here the trail splits: left to Cathedral Tree and right to the Astoria Column.

We took the left fork and within a few hundred feet came to the Cathedral Tree. The Cathedral Tree is 27.5 feet in circumference and has a distinctive look raised up on legs.

If you go back to the boardwalk split and take the right fork it is about 3/4 of a mile to the Astoria Column. Taking the trail saves you the $5 parking fee if you drive to the Column. The Column is pretty cool and has expansive views of the area.

Headed back to the trailhead, I started hearing the barking again and asked a fellow hiker who said that they were seals and were hanging out at nearby Pier 39.

Now, I had been noticing what looked like yellow raspberries on the bushes. After some research I determined that they were salmonberries. They tasted pretty good too!

I did head over to Pier 39 after finishing the hike which had an interesting museum about salmon canning, but it turned out the seals and sea lions were on nearby Pier 37.

Thanks for reading. rk

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