Sage Creek is one of two campgrounds in Badlands National Park. Unlike the luxurious Cedar Pass campground, Sage Creek is primitive with no running water and pit toilets. The campground is located at the end of Sage Creek Rim Road, a dirt road off of the main road in he park. Camping is first come-first serve and free. This campground is awesome. It is just a big circle in the plains. Bison roam through freely and prairie dogs burrow all around! The campground probably has room for twenty tents with a good bit of space between them. There is a large hill next to the campground that gives you a great view of the area. There is also a small canyon nearby that is perfect for exploring, just watch out for the massive bison that are everywhere.

The campground from above.

Making coffee at the picnic table.

Bison in the road held us up for 20 minutes

Thanks! – Josh

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