We had a few days after the Christmas holiday, so I had to take the opportunity to go on a trip. I loaded up the kids and we decided to explore the Georgia coast. From Atlanta, you can get to Savannah in about 5 hours.

Savannah is a beautiful city, not unlike Charleston SC, and we explored the downtown area including the famous squares and River Street. It was chilly so we found a nice cafe with a view to enjoy some coffee and hot cocoa.

We wrapped up the day with a visit to nearby Fort Pulaski National Monument. Built between 1829-1847, it was designed to protect Savannah from foreign invasion from the likes of the British and Spain. Ironically, the only battle it was involved in was during the American Civil War.

The next day we headed south searching for warmer weather. We stopped first at Fort King George State Historic Site. Located on a bend in the Altamaha River, this wooden British fort was built in 1721. The boys really liked this one as it reminded us of the wooden fort on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyworld.

Our next stop was Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island. This National Monument preserves the remains of another British built fort and town built in 1736. More archeological site than the previous forts we visited, it was fun to walk through the site. Fort Frederica survived attack from the Spanish in 1740, but then burned to the ground in 1758 from a fire that swept through the town.

From there we cruised to the shopping district of St. Simons Island to check it out and get lunch. We dined on shrimp at the local legend, Iguanas Seafood Restaurant. We walked to the pier which offered nice views of the lighthouse.

It was a short drive over to Jekyll Island from there. We toured the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. This was a popular destination today as they were very crowded. The baby sea turtles were really cute and we got to see several larger ones recovering in the attached sea turtle hospital.

We wrapped the day up with a visit to Jekyll Island’s famous Driftwood Beach. That was gorgeous and is worthy of its own blog entry.

We then took off farther south to Florida in search of warmer weather. What a fun couple of days.

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