This 2 mile round trip trail is located on Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga Tennessee. After some searching (google maps takes you to the wrong place), I found the trailhead on Ochs Highway near the intersection with Sanders Road.

I followed the trail downward as leaves floated down from the trees silhouetted against the gray sky above. It doesn’t take long until you can hear rushing water getting louder.

One thing interesting about this trail is that the waterfall is located at the halfway point in the trail. After crossing over a bridge you can take a side trail through a short rock cave to check out the top of the falls area. The stream is wider here and safer to play in above the falls.

If you continue the trail you eventually come to Ochs Highway again where the trail ends. The trail is gorgeous and worth completing after passing the waterfall and cave. The return, of course, follows the same path just traversed back to the original trailhead.

All in all, a quick and enjoyable hike. If you are in the area, I recommend you try out this trail. rk

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