Clarksville TN is a fun little town about 45 minutes northwest of Nashville right on the Kentucky border.   Occasionally I spend time here for work.   I discovered a few years back a real gem of a place to hike, Dunbar Cave State Park.   This State Park is in the city limits and has a well marked hiking trail that covers almost the entirety of the park.

The State Park covers 110 acres and centers around Dunbar Cave.   The visitors center and parking lot are in one corner of the park.   The trail leads from the visitors center to the cave entrance and then has a figure 8 trail system behind the cave.   The total length of the trail is 2.8 miles.


The pond area formed by the stream that comes out of the cave

Last week, I was able to revisit this state park and hike the trails and view the cave entrance.  The trail from the visitors center to the cave area is a short flat walk.   The cave area is pretty neat.   Back before air conditioning became common, they used this area for outdoor concerts and functions.   They built a two story complex with a concession area and dance floor.  It’s really amazing to think about how it must have been back in the day with live bands and dancing.


The cave entrance / big band stage


Concessions area next to the cave entrance / big band stage area


Peering into the fenced off cave entrance

After viewing the cave entrance area, I hiked the figure 8 behind the cave area.   The trails are wide and well marked with numerous sinkholes off to the side.  At one sinkhole I saw several deer.   I did take a few pictures so that you could see what the area was like.   I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.   rk


The trail behind the cave entrance


Coming back around towards the sinkhole area


Sinkhole with very poor fencing effort


Deer hanging out near the sinkholes


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