I love hot sauce. To me it enhances most every food and like delicious hot sauce, music can take a great moment make it feel surreal. For example last fall as I was driving up the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway with 60 degree weather and not a cloud in the sky I put on some Fleet Foxes and cruised down the scenic route. Had I not listened to any music on that drive I have no doubt it would have been just as great of a memory but something about the music made the experience all the more fantastic. Another time I drove 14 hours in one day from New York to Atlanta with nothing but music to keep me going. You could also be inspired to go somewhere by music whether it’s the surfy guitar of Dick Dale pointing you towards the Pacific Ocean of The Eagles giving you a stop in Winslow, Arizona. Two of my biggest passions in life are traveling and music and i’m thankful they go together so well. I will say though that nothing beats the silence of a mountain’s peak as you stare off at creation. 

Thanks for reading – Josh

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